In the center of Rome there is a professional and welcoming holistic studio where you can receive the real Tantra massage for women in Rome.

If you are in Rome for work or on vacation, you could treat yourself to this magnificent experience, the Tantra massage for women. A unique experience to rediscover your feminine energy and the beauty of the woman in you.

Tantra Massage for women in Rome

I am dr. Guido Cocozza (KEVIN): Tantric master, psychosexologist, Hatha Yoga and meditation teacher and expert in Functional Medicine.

At my Holistic Studio in Rome I offer Tantra massages for women and organize individual Tantra courses for women who want to rediscover their femininity and Tantra massages for couples who want to rediscover harmony and complicity


massaggio tantra per la donna a Roma

I would like to show you that a Tantra massage for women in Rome takes place in our holistic center.

You will be welcomed in my cozy and private holistic studio in Rome. You can take a shower before the massage which will take place on a comfortable futon in the room lit by warm scented candles.

The treatment begins with the Aura Purification ritual in order to eliminate all the negativity you have accumulated during the day. Then it continues with the Welcome ritual in which you will calmly enter the right atmosphere of relaxation and prepare your body and your spirit to receive the tantra massage. The part of the Adoration ritual in which the woman is venerated as a true goddess by showering a shower of colored flowers on her body is very beautiful.

Tantra Massage for women in Rome: info and location

My holistic studio to receive your tantra massage for women in Rome is located in Piazza Re di Roma (near Metro A).

For info and appointments write me on whatsapp at 389.9156594



The Tantra massage for women in Rome you will receive will be a particular Tantra massage which is performed taking inspiration from Nature and the characteristics of its elements: Air with its impalpability, Water with its flowing and penetrating everywhere, the Earth with its physicality and Fire with its explosive charge.

During the massage you will be able to perceive the different energies of the elements and I will guide you along the energy curve in a crescendo of sensuality.

The concept of "energy curve" is very important as a tantra massage is not something mechanical, and always the same, but is performed by listening to the woman's body with the aim of slowly increasing the sensual energy that flows in her until it reaches peaks never reached before.